List of antiretroviral fixed-dose combinations

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Antiretroviral drugs are used to manage HIV/AIDS. Multiple antiretroviral drugs are often combined into a single pill in order to reduce pill burden.

Some of these combinations are complete single-tablet regimens; the others must be combined with additional pills to make a treatment regimen.

Brand name(s) Ingredients (INN) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval date European Medicines Agency (EMA) approval date Health Canada approval date Company Single-tablet regimen?
Combivir lamivudine
September 26, 1997 ViiV Healthcare No
Kaletra (developed countries)
Aluvia (developing countries)
lopinavir ritonavir September 15, 2000 Abbott Laboratories No
Trizivir abacavir
November 15, 2000 ViiV Healthcare Yes
Epzicom (US)
Kivexa (EU, RU)
August 2, 2004 ViiV Healthcare No
Generics, e.g., Triomune lamivudine
nevirapine (not approved) (many companies) Yes
Generics, e.g., Duovir-N lamivudine
nevirapine (not approved) (many companies) Yes
Truvada emtricitabine
tenofovir disoproxil
August 2, 2004 Gilead Sciences No
Atripla emtricitabine
tenofovir disoproxil
efavirenz July 12, 2006 Gilead Sciences
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Complera (US)
Eviplera (EU, RU)
tenofovir disoproxil
rilpivirine August 10, 2011 Gilead Sciences
Janssen Pharmaceutica
Stribild emtricitabine
tenofovir disoproxil
elvitegravir cobicistat August 27, 2012 Gilead Sciences Yes
Triumeq abacavir
dolutegravir August 22, 2014 ViiV Healthcare Yes
Evotaz atazanavir cobicistat January 29, 2015 Bristol-Myers Squibb No
Prezcobix (US)
Rezolsta (EU)
darunavir cobicistat January 29, 2015 Janssen Pharmaceutica No
Dutrebis lamivudine raltegravir February 6, 2015 Merck & Co. No
Genvoya emtricitabine
tenofovir alafenamide
elvitegravir cobicistat November 5, 2015 Gilead Sciences Yes
Odefsey emtricitabine
tenofovir alafenamide
rilpivirine March 1, 2016 Gilead Sciences Yes
Descovy emtricitabine
tenofovir alafenamide
April 4, 2016 Gilead Sciences No
Juluca rilpivirine dolutegravir November 21, 2017 ViiV Healthcare Yes
Symfi, Symfi Lo lamivudine
tenofovir disoproxil
efavirenz February 5, 2018 (Symfi Lo)
March 22, 2018 (Symfi)
Mylan Yes
Biktarvy emtricitabine
tenofovir alafenamide
bictegravir February 7, 2018 Gilead Sciences Yes
Cimduo, Temixys lamivudine
tenofovir disoproxil
February 28, 2018 Mylan No
Symtuza emtricitabine
tenofovir alafenamide
darunavir cobicistat July 17, 2018 Janssen Pharmaceutica Yes
Delstrigo lamivudine
tenofovir disoproxil
doravirine August 30, 2018 Merck & Co. Yes
Dovato lamivudine dolutegravir April 8, 2019 ViiV Healthcare Yes
Cabenuva rilpivirine cabotegravir January 21, 2021 March 18, 2020[1][2] ViiV Healthcare No


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