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Fixstars Solutions, Inc.
Private, subsidiary of Fixstars Corporation
IndustryOperating systems, Services, Software
Founded1999 (1999), 2008 (2008)
ProductsYellow Dog Linux, Accelcoder, GigaAccel 180, High-Capacity SSDs

Fixstars Solutions, Inc is a software and services company specializing in multi-core processors, particularly in Nvidia's GPU and CUDA environment, IBM Power7, and Cell. They also specialize in solid-state drives and currently manufacture the world's largest SATA drives.

During the early part of 2010, Fixstars developed a strong relationship with Nvidia and focused its linux distribution for GPU computing. Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux for CUDA is the first enterprise Linux OS optimized for GPU computing. It offers end users, developers and integrators a faster, more reliable, and less complex GPU computing experience.

Terra Soft acquisition[edit]

On November 11, 2008, Japanese company Fixstars announced that it had acquired essentially all of Terra Soft's assets. Terra Soft's former founder and CEO Kai Staats was appointed as COO of Fixstars's new American subsidiary, Fixstars Solutions, which is based in Irvine, California. Fixstars Solutions retained Terra Soft's product line, staff and regional offices in Loveland, Colorado.[1]

Terra Soft provided software and services for the PowerPC/Power ISA and Linux OS platform. Former Terra Soft Solutions produced Yellow Dog Linux (YDL) and Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux which included cluster construction tools. Customers included Argonne, Sandia, Lawrence Livermore, and Los Alamos National Labs, several Department of Defense contractors including Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and SAIC; the U.S. Airforce, Navy, Army, and NASA; and many of the top universities around the world including California Institute of Technology, MIT, and Stanford University.[citation needed]

As an Apple value-added reseller and IBM Business Partner, Terra Soft Solutions provided turnkey and build-to-order desktop workstations, servers, and High Performance Computing clusters. Terra Soft made their Yellow Dog Linux distribution solely for PowerPC/Power ISA, optimizing the distributions for AltiVec and the Cell.

Terra Soft was the first to support a variety of Apple computers with Linux pre-installed (under a unique license with Apple). When Apple abandoned PowerPC CPUs in favor of the Intel Core chips, Terra Soft was able to concentrate on high-performance computing and the Cell Broadband Engine, working closely with IBM and Sony for the PlayStation 3 products.[citation needed] In 2006, Terra Soft was contracted by Sony to provide a Linux operating system for the PlayStation 3, used by several University researchers as an inexpensive, powerful cluster compute node.

Today, Fixstars of Tokyo, Japan carries forward the Yellow Dog Linux and Yellow Dog Enterprise Linux product line with primary focus on heterogeneous, multi-core CPUs such as the Cell Broadband Engine and Nvidia GPU.[clarification needed]


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