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Type of site
streaming music search engine
Available in Turkish, English and Ukrainian
Alexa rank 218 (in Turkey)
Commercial Yes
Registration Optional
Launched 22 December 2008; 9 years ago (2008-12-22)
Current status Active (available in Turkey)

fizy is an online music search engine based in Turkey and available in Turkey and Ukraine (via lifecell).[1] Containing both audio and video, fizy serves own legal files[ambiguous] and fetches files from other websites and immediately starts to stream them. Access to the website was banned in Turkey on 28 December 2010, due to alleged copyright violations.[2] The site was sold and access was subsequently restored.[3]

fizy has about 600,000 daily visitors. It was designated by Mashable Awards as the best music search engine.[2]


fizy was founded by Ercan Yaris in 2008. He was frustrated by the difficulty of using music search engines,[4] so he[5] designed his own. fizy was created on 22 December 2008. Yaris posted the site on Digg, where one of his friends sent the site to a marketing specialist, who spread it through Twitter to 3,000 friends. fizy gradually grew popular.[4]

In 2010, the Turkish Music Industry Society, or MÜ-YAP, asked the prosecutor's office in Beyoğlu to block fizy, alleging that fizy relayed MÜ-YAP clips without payment. On 17 December, the prosecutor ruled to block fizy in Turkey.

fizy was bought by Turkcell on 1 April 2011. Subsequently access to the site in Turkey was restored.[3]

Since March 18, 2012 Fizy is only available in Turkey.


Media can be filtered by quality, format (audio or video), and duration. The playlist feature allows registered users to listen to songs in a desired order and skip from one song to another automatically. fizy supports 26 languages.[5]


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