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Fizz is another term for carbonation.

"Fizz" can also refer to:


  • Cricket Fizz, Bangladeshi Cricketer Mustafizur Rahman #FIZZ

Food and drink[edit]

  • Fizz (cider), a brand of cider resembling alcoloholic beverage
  • Appy Fizz, a brand of carbonated apple juice
  • Fizz keeper, a device that is sold as a means for preserving the carbonation in soft drinks
  • Fizz-nik, a product marketed by the United States beverage company 7 Up in the 1960s
  • Foxton Fizz, a soda drink produced in Foxton, New Zealand
  • Wizz Fizz, an Australian brand of sherbet


  • Fizz (novel), a 2011 novel by Zvi Schreiber
  • The FIZZ, a 2006-2007 half-hour weekly television program
  • The Fizz Factor, a 2002-2009 video games developer
  • Fizz, the Tidal Trickster, a playable champion character in the action real-time strategy video game League of Legends

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