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Headquarters 1400 South Coast Road, Mobeni, Durban, South Africa
Owner Beacon Sweets & Chocolates
Parent Tiger Brands

Fizzers are a "fruity, chewy, & fizzy"[citation needed] candy sold primarily in South Africa. They are one of the products produced by Beacon Sweets & Chocolates and are available in six flavors.


The candy itself is a hard/chewy candy depending on its temperature. While chilled, or merely not warmed, the candy is a hard, brittle consistency that will give off more of the "fizzing" that the candy can cause while being eaten. While warm though the candy is much like the American candy Air Heads; it loses some of the fizz while soft but is a lot easier to eat which can be more enjoyable.


There are five primary flavors of Fizzers and three others (harder to find). The primary five are cream soda, Bluebuzz, strawberry, raspberry and apple, the other three are orange, grape and cola.

Bluebuzz is a flavor that has a slight taste of berries but it is hard to say which exactly, it is also the flavor that has the most fizz to it. Cream soda often confuses Americans when offered because they imagine cream soda to taste like A&W Cream Soda but this flavor does not have much of a vanilla taste to it, although it is creamy tasting.

Similar candies[edit]

As mentioned before, Fizzers are similar to Air Heads or comparable chewy candies such as Laffy Taffy. Another candy that is produced by Beacon that shares the "fizz" title is Fizz pops which are a flavored lollipop with sherbet in the middle that starts to fizz out of the side of the lollipop when it starts to wear down.

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