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In 2006, Frances Lopez started promoting shows at the Trunk Space in Phoenix, Arizona under the name Fizzle Promotions [1] and has hosted local music showcases and national touring acts such as Peelander-Z, the Creeping Nobodies, Kind of Like Spitting and Simone White.

Fizzle Promotions is Frances Lopez who puts any and all funds back into helping local and independent music thrive. Fizzle Promotions primarily books at the Trunk Space in the heart of Downtown Phoenix, but has also done work with the Paper Heart and Modified Arts.[2]

A one-person operation, Fizzle Promotions is also the host of a Quarterly Concern festival that showcases over a dozen bands from all over the nation every three months at the Trunk Space.

In April 2007, Phoenix Metropolitan Magazine published a two-page spread on Fizzle Promotions featuring an interview with its creator. The article can be found in the magazine's Spring Issue.

In addition to regular concerts, Fizzle Promotions has held two benefits in 2006, and 2007; a canned food drive for St. Mary's Food Bank in Phoenix and most recently, a "Senior Prom" benefit show in May 2007, which proceeds were donated to the Alzheimer's Association of America. The Senior Prom event was covered by Christine Jun of the Arizona Republic and video can be found on "" [3]


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