Fjøløy Lighthouse

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Fjøløy Lighthouse
Fjoeloey fyrstasjon.jpg
View of the lighthouse
Fjøløy Lighthouse is located in Rogaland
Fjøløy Lighthouse
LocationRogaland, Norway
Coordinates59°05′20.2″N 05°34′07.8″E / 59.088944°N 5.568833°E / 59.088944; 5.568833Coordinates: 59°05′20.2″N 05°34′07.8″E / 59.088944°N 5.568833°E / 59.088944; 5.568833
Year first constructed1849
Constructionconcrete small tower
Tower shapecylindrical tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / patternwhite tower, red lantern
Tower height8.2 metres (27 ft)
Focal height17.5 metres (57 ft)
Intensity31,300 candela
Range13.3 nmi (24.6 km; 15.3 mi)
CharacteristicOc (2) WRG 8s.
Admiralty numberB3258
NGA number2188
ARLHS numberNOR-081
Norway numberNF-1048

The Fjøløy Lighthouse (Norwegian: Fjøløy fyr) is a coastal lighthouse in the municipality of Rennesøy in Rogaland county, Norway. The lighthouse sits on the island of Fjøløy, along the Boknafjorden. It is owned by the Norwegian Coastal Administration. The lighthouse was first built in 1849, but it has been replaced twice since that time.[1]


The lighthouse was established on the island Fjøløy in the old municipality of Mosterøy in 1849. It originally was a relatively small lighthouse that was only active during the season of the herring fisheries. In 1867, the original light was replaced by larger wooden lighthouse. During the occupation of Norway by Nazi Germany the occupants constructed fortifications at the site.[2] That lighthouse was automated in 1977. In 1983, the old, wooden lighthouse was closed down and replaced by a smaller, automated lighthouse on the same site.[1][3]


The 7-metre (23 ft) tall light sits at an elevation of 17 metres (56 ft) above sea level. It emits a white, red, or green light (depending on direction) that is occulting in groups of two, every eight seconds. The light burns at a 31,300-candela intensity. The lighthouse tower is painted white and the roof is red.[4][5]

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