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Type Weekly newspaper
Publisher Skjåk Mediautvikling AS
Headquarters Skjåk
Circulation 4,109 (2006)

Fjuken is a weekly local newspaper published in Skjåk, Norway. It serves for Skjåk, Lom and Vågå.

History and profile[edit]

Fjuken was founded in 1989.[1] The founders were initially community members.[1] The paper is published by the company Skjåk Mediautvikling AS, which in turn has the following owners:

  • Lom og Skjåk Sparebank 21.5%
  • Fjordingen AS 21.3%
  • Polaris Media[1] 18.7%
  • other 38.5%

The paper had the 2006 circulation of 4,109, copies of which 3,895 were subscribers.[2]


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