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Location Norway
Coordinates 59°19′N 8°49′E / 59.317°N 8.817°E / 59.317; 8.817Coordinates: 59°19′N 8°49′E / 59.317°N 8.817°E / 59.317; 8.817
Basin countries Norway
Surface area 20.1 km2 (7.8 sq mi)
Average depth 121 m (397 ft)

Flåvatn is a lake in the municipalities of Nome and Kviteseid in Telemark county, Norway. The lake is the easternmost of the connected lakes Bandak, Kviteseidvatnet and Flåvatn, which are all part of the Telemark Canal. The lake's area is 20.1 km². The outlet is via the river Straumen (Eidselva) to Norsjø.[1]


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