Flørli Hydroelectric Power Station

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Flørli Hydroelectric Power Station
Flørli kraftstasjon og kaien.jpg
Flørli old (front) and new (rear) Hydroelectric Power Station
Official nameFlørli kraftverk
LocationFlørli, Sandnes
Coordinates59°00′56″N 6°25′58″E / 59.01543°N 6.43283°E / 59.01543; 6.43283Coordinates: 59°00′56″N 6°25′58″E / 59.01543°N 6.43283°E / 59.01543; 6.43283
Construction began1917
Opening date1918; 105 years ago (1918)
Owner(s)Lyse Energi
CreatesStore Flørvatnet
Power Station
Hydraulic head777 m
Installed capacity80 MW
Capacity factor41.4%
Annual generation290 GW·h

The Flørli Power Station is a hydroelectric power station located on the shores of Lysefjord in the municipality Sandnes in Rogaland, Norway. The station was built in 1918 as the first in Lysefjord, from where it delivered power to Stavanger.[1] The turbine hall was built in 1917 in Jugendstil, it is 80 m long, 9 m wide and stands 12 m tall. The water was supplied via two penstocks along which were built a cabled railway and a wooden stairway with 4,444 steps.[2][3]

In 1999 a new power station with new penstocks was built into the mountain next to the old one which was decommissioned. The new station can generate 80 MW power and has an average annual production of 290 GWh.[4]

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