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Funiclular lift up Fløyen, ne Bergen.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 425 m (1,394 ft)
Prominence 27 m (89 ft)
Coordinates 60°23′40.90″N 5°20′36.30″E / 60.3946944°N 5.3434167°E / 60.3946944; 5.3434167Coordinates: 60°23′40.90″N 5°20′36.30″E / 60.3946944°N 5.3434167°E / 60.3946944; 5.3434167
Location Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Topo map 1115 I Bergen
Easiest route funicular

Fløyen is one of the city mountains in Bergen and one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Fløyfjellet is the name of the mountain top. It is 399 masl. Looking over the Bergen city centre. The name could originate from “fløystangen” which means weather cook, that was set up to provide signals about the direction of the wind when ships were to set sail. The view of the Bergen peninsula makes fløyfjellet a popular attraction among tourists and city locals. It has a funicular system that transports passengers from the center of Bergen to a height of 320 meters in roughly 8 minutes and the highest point (425 meters) on Fløyfjellet is approximately 1 km to the northeast. The funicular is use by tourists and citizens all year-around.


There is a lot of hiking options on Fløyen, or you can go further on to Vareggen or over Vidden to Ulriken. Fløyfjellet provides signed hiking roads to Blåmannen, Rundemannen and Sandviksfjellet. At midtfjellet at the foot of Blåmannen there is a kiosk called Brushytten.

The roads and paths down from Mount Fløyen are floodlit in the evenings and are popular for sleding in the winter.


Fløybanen is a 850 meters long electric cable funicular that pulls two wagons between Fløyen and the station at Vetrlidsallmenningen in Bergen city centre. It also has three stations: Promsgate, Fjellveien and Skansemyren and it was opened in 1918. Since the opening Fløybanen has carried over 48 million people to and from Fløyfjellet. Over the past few years passenger numbers have averaged 1 million per year. Over the years, Fløibanen has cemented its position as Bergen’s most popular tourist attraction and according to the Norwegian Council for Tourism, Fløibanen was Norway’s fourth most visited tourist attraction in the 2001 summer season. Most of the traffic occurs in the summer months from May to September.

Fløyen station is 320 masl and it is the last stop at the top. There is also a viewpoint. In 2002 the site was rebuilt for 46 millions NOK, the viewpoint was extended and is called Fløytrappene. This is a broad staircase which goes from the station stop to Fløien Folkerestaurant. There are countless hiking paths, but there is one road intended for cars.

On top of the funicular Fløibanen.
View of Bergen from Fløyen at night.
View of Bergen from Fløyen.

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