Flacourtia rukam

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Flacourtia rukam
Flacourtia rukam.JPG
Scientific classification
F. rukam
Binomial name
Flacourtia rukam

Flacourtia euphlebia

Flacourtia rukam is a species of flowering plant in the willow family, Salicaceae. It is native to China, India, and much of Southeast Asia, where it grows in forests.[1] It is also cultivated for its edible fruit. Common names include rukam, governor's plum, Indian plum, and Indian prune.[2][3]

This species is a tree growing 5 to 15 meters tall. The trunk is lined with thorns up to 10 centimeters long; some cultivated varieties lack thorns. New leaves are red to brown in color. Mature leaves are somewhat oval in shape with toothed edges and up to 16 centimeters long by 7 wide. Racemes of yellow-green male and female flowers occur in the leaf axils. The rounded fruit is about 2 centimeters long and is green, red, or purple in color.[1]


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