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Background information
Origin Klaipėda, Lithuania
Genres Pink Rock
Years active 2005 – present
Website http://www.flaer.lt
Members Adomas Stančikas (lead vocal, guitar, sound effects)
Igoris Vasiliauskas (keyboards, sound effects, saxophone)
Michailas Denisenko (drums, percussion)
Greta Medelytė (bass guitar)
Past members Valdas Parvainis (bass guitar)
Dima Cvilij (bass guitar)
Ramūnas Jokubauskas (bass guitar)
Artūras Rukas (electric guitar)

FLÆR (Lithuanian pronunciation: [flaɛr])[citation needed] are a Lithuanian pink rock (and their music played refers to members of the group) band, formed in Klaipėda, in autumn 2005. The group comprises lead vocalist and guitarist Adomas Stančikas, pianist, sound effect's creator and saxophonist Igoris Vasiliauskas, drummer and percussionist Michilas Denisenko and bassist Greta Medelytė. The group successfully "collaborates" in Lithuania as well as outside, so the works carried out in both Lithuanian and English languages. FLÆR is trying to always experimenting with music, so the main musical direction is rock-style standards with a variety of musical styles elements, differentiating them from most rock bands.

Their first song "Iš Lempos" (English: "From the Lamp") achieved success around youth. In 2007 the band made new song "New Love Story" - soon the song was attached to radio station's play list. And now FLÆR group is popular not only among the youth, but also between the middle and elderly people, which attracts the original Lithuanian text. FLÆR group engaged in concerts across the country - music clubs, rock festivals, city celebrations and business events. It has also been tested in other countries, like Latvia, Russia, the scenes - has held meetings at various festivals and competitions. FLÆR group has already held over 100 concerts.



  • The first group rehearsal was held on 4 November 2005, so this date is FLÆR Foundation Day. Previously, the group members had no time to play together in different groups and musical projects.
  • The first time was in 2005 FLÆR 16 November Klaipėda University Student Union organized the music contest "SOLO 2005."
  • The first group of the song "Iš Lempos" ("From the Lamp") was recorded in 2005 29 November, which entered the Eurovision semi-final selection of Small and music festival "AntiPOP" the semi-final, held in Šiauliai in 2005 December 9.
  • 2006 January 23 was installed in the first video clip "Iš Lempos".
  • 2006 19 May was completed recording the song "Labas" ("Hello"), which was get strong interest groups and concerts Kreginga and Gargzdai, took place in 2006 April 29–30.
  • The team of 2006 21 August signed a new bassist Ramūnas Jokubauskas livelier musical activities. This led to the 2006 September 15 settle their own studio.
  • Participation in 2007 Eurovision selection FLÆR, did not come to the next stages.
  • 2007 in January bassist Ramūnas Jokubauskas withdrew from the group. However, it replaced the previous - Dima Cvilij, who soon as himself, unfortunately, have resigned.
  • The switch Dimas, a group of the period before 2007 at the end of summer concerts in threes.
  • 2007 in mid-August the team to Artūras Rukas, who plays an electric guitar. He is coming FLÆR music has gained momentum "the rock" shade, as well as his studio moved to a new, better and more facilities.
  • Since 2007 October. Group once again playing the old structure - three, as guitarist for important reasons, had to withdraw. FLÆR also recorded at that time began to 2 official albums - Lithuanian and English language, which should appear by 2009 at the end of summer.
  • 2007 December 10, the day FLÆR acted Palanga cultural center "Ramūbė" (English: "Silence"), which took place in the youth film festival "Your cinema in 2007." After which the active participation of the audience, was shot in the pilot movie song "New Love Story."
  • 2008 April. The team found changes - the team debuted Greta Medelytė. The girl, playing the bass guitar, male company, has contributed to the new image of the group, contributed to the music of "life".
  • 2008 a national sample of the Eurovision contest FLÆR group with the song "New Love Story" by the semi-final, but with 227 votes, viewers were left 7 spot, so the risk to the finals. The selection panel participated via a vocalist Akvilė and Ieva.

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  • New Love Story (2008) filename=Flaer_-_New_Love_Story.ogg

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