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The flag and the coat of arms of Pahang are state symbols of Pahang, Malaysia. While adopting simpler design on its flag and arms, the state symbols remain representative towards its administration, monarchy, and economy. In addition, its arms includes elements related to local superstitions.

War flag[edit]


FIAV 110000.svg The war flag of Pahang. Proportions: 1:2

The current flag of Pahang was adopted in 1903. It consists of a simple horizontal bicolour flag with equally proportionate bands of white on the upper half and black on the lower half.[1] The black represents the official colour of the bendahara, which was once the administrator of the state, while the white represents the Sultan of Pahang; the white over the black symbolises Pahang as a sovereign state with a royal monarch, as well as its presence of special privileges, laws, customs and codes of conduct, and specific rights of the Sultan.[2]


As a formerly independent state under the Federated Malay States, Pahang adopted a naval jack or ensign for use on government ships, consisting of a quartered saltire that bore the colours of the state flag: Black on the leftmost and rightmost quarters, and white on the upper and lower quarters.[1] The merger of the state into the Federation of Malaya in 1948 and the adoption of a unified maritime flag rendered the Pahang jack obsolete.

As a member of the Federated Malay States, Pahang was also assigned a British Resident, and with it, a flag for the Resident that was essentially the state flag forked at the fly.[1] The flag is similarly obsolete after the abolishment of British Residents in the state in 1942 following the Japanese occupation.


The state emblem of Pahang
The Sultan's state emblem of Pahang
The Regent's emblem

Pahang's coat of arms (Malay: Jata Pahang) consists of four elements: the spear head, Jawi scriptures between the spear head, dual tusks, and a motto at the bottom. Another arms for the Sultan is entirely coloured in gold.

Details of the arms' elements are as followed:

Spear head
The spear head is a central element of the arms, shaped similarly as a coffee leaf.[2] Being golden, the dagger head is also intended to represent the weapon's hardiness in battle, as a white dagger was thought to be capable of piercing any armour.[2]
Jawi scriptures between the spear head
Jawi scripts are written between the upper half of the spear head, divided into two short phrases: "Ya alif lam. Tho ya qaf." (ﻱﺍﻝ ﻁﻱﻕ). Ya alif lam, or Ya La Tif, is translated as "The gentle one", reflecting on the lack of need by the rulers of Pahang to resort to violence to instil peace in the state.[2] The phrase is also believed to be a powerful spell against evil magic.[2]
A pair of white tusks criss-cross over and uplift the spear head, its shaper end pointing upwards. The tusks represent the abundance of elephants (specifically, Asian Elephants) in the state and its importance in Pahang's economy in the distance past through its trade of elephant tusks.[2] The tusks, like the spear head, are coloured in white.
The white motto is located at the bottom of the arms in the form of a banner that includes the phrase "Negeri Pahang" (Pahang State) written in both Malay and Jawi script.


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