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A flag anthem is a patriotic song or ode dedicated to a flag, usually one of a country (in which case it is also known as a national flag anthem). It is often either sung or performed during or immediately before the raising or lowering of a flag during a ceremony. Most countries use their respective national anthems or some other patriotic song for this purpose.[1] However, some countries, particularly in South America, use a distinct flag anthem for such purposes. Not all countries have flag anthems. Some used them in the past but no longer do, such as Iran and South Africa. Flag anthems can be officially codified in law, or unofficially recognized as such through mere custom and convention. In some countries, the flag anthem may be just another song, and in others, it may be an official symbol of the state akin to a second national anthem, such as in Republic of China.

List of flag anthems[edit]

Country Song Year Writer Composer Notes
 Bolivia "El Himno a la Bandera" 1947[2] Ricardo Mujía Manuel Benavente
 Brazil "Hino à Bandeira Nacional"
1906 Olavo Bilac Francisco Braga
 Costa Rica "Saludo a la Bandera"[3] 1946 Porfirio Brenes Castro José Joaquín Vargas Calvo
 Dominican Republic "El Himno a la Bandera"[4][5] Ramon Emilio Jimenez
 Ecuador "El Himno a la Bandera" 1936[6] Ángel Rivadeneira Pérez Ángel Rivadeneira Pérez
 Estonia "Eesti lipp" 1922 (music), 1897 (lyrics) Martin Lipp Enn Võrk
 Finland "Lippulaulu" 1927[7] V.A. Koskenniemi Yrjö Kilpinen
 Indonesia "Berkibarlah Benderaku" 1950[8] Ibu Soed
 Italy "Onori e Inno Nazionale"[9][10] 1847 No lyrics Michele Novaro Essentially an abridged version of the Italian national anthem played with ruffles and flourishes beforehand and omitting the introductory section. The song concludes where the bridge of the national anthem would otherwise begin. Alternatively known as "Alzabandiera".
 Malaysia "Jalur Gemilang" 1997 Siso Kopratasa Pak Ngah
 Netherlands "Het Vlaggelied" 1863 (lyrics),[11] 1853 (music)[12] Jan Pieter Heije Wilhelmus Smits
 Norway "Flaggappell"
ext. 2002
 Paraguay "Himno a la Bandera" 1944[13] Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo Mauricio Cardozo Ocampo
 Republic of China (Taiwan) "National Flag Anthem of the Republic of China"
1936 (music), 1937 (lyrics) Tai Chi-tao Huang Tzu The author of the lyrics is disputed, though it is usually attributed to Tai Chi-tao. An alternate title is "Qīngtiānbáirì mǎn dì hóng", which means "The clear blue sky, white sun, and a wholly red ground". Due to political complications, this song is often played at international sporting events involving Taiwan in place of the National Anthem of the Republic of China.
 Uruguay "Mi Bandera" 1939[14] Nicolás Bonomi José Usera

Former flag anthems[edit]

Country Song Used Writer Composer Notes
 Iran "Sorude Parcam"
Until 1979 Mohamad Haschim Afsar [fa] Davood Najmi Moghaddam Title literally means "Flag song" in English; tune also used in the Iranian royal anthem and national anthem of the time.
 South Africa[15][16] "Vlaglied"[17][18][19][20][15] 1961–1994[15] Cornelis Jacobus Langenhoven[15] F.J. Joubert [af][15] Title literally means "Flag song" in English; also known alternatively as "Ons eie vlag".[21]


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