Flag of Alberta

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Flag of Alberta
Flag of Alberta.svg
Use Civil and state flag
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 1 June 1968
Design Ultramarine blue with the shield of the Alberta arms centred on the flag
The flag of Alberta flying alongside the flags of Saskatchewan and Canada in Lloydminster

In 1968, the Alberta government authorized the design of an official flag. On 1 June 1968, the flag of Alberta, Canada, was adopted.[1]

The flag has the proportions 1:2, with the provincial shield of arms in the centre of a royal ultramarine blue background. The shield's height is 711 that of the flag's height.[1]

The provincial colours, adopted in 1984, are blue and gold (deep yellow); they are also referred to as "Alberta blue" and "Alberta gold", appearing on the flag/shield in the sky/background and wheat background, respectively.

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