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Flag of Andorra.svg
Use National flag
Proportion 7:10
Adopted August 27, 1971[citation needed]
Design A vertical tricolour of blue, yellow and red with the national coat of arms centred on the middle stripe. The middle stripe is one eighth thicker than the outer bands.
The flag of Andorra in flight

The national flag of the Principality of Andorra (Catalan: Bandera d'Andorra) was adopted in 1866. The flag is a vertical tricolour of blue, yellow, and red with the coat of arms of Andorra in the centre. Although the three vertical bars may at first appear to be of equal width, the centre yellow bar is slightly wider than the other two so that the ratio of bar widths is 8:9:8. The overall flag ratio is 7:10.

The design is related to the flags of France, Catalonia and the County of Foix, the lands that were related historically with the small country. A flag of three bars is similar to that of the French Tricolor, while the pattern of a wider middle stripe can be noted on the Catalan flag (as the royal symbol of the Crown of Aragon) and the flag of the old County of Foix (currently in France). The blue and red of the Andorran flag are also found on the French flag, with red and yellow also being the principal colors of the other two flags. From 1806 to 1866, Andorra's flag was a vertical bi-color of yellow and red. The motto in the coat of arms in the middle stripe Virtus Unita Fortior means "Virtue United is Stronger".

The design is similar to the flags of Romania, Moldova, Chad and the flag of Queen's University in Ontario, Canada. All of these are vertical tricolors of blue, yellow, and red, but unlike that of Andorra, their flags have all stripes of equal breadth.

Flag of Andorra (construction).svg


The official colours of the Andorran flag are set out in the "Graphic regulations for reproducing the shield and flag" from the Oficina de Marques del Principat d'Andorra.

The colours of the shield are:

Color model Red Beige Yellow Blue Brown
Pantone 485 C 466 C Yellow C 300 C 478 C
CMYK 0-95-100-0 12-22-43-0 0-1-100-0 100-44-0-0 40-86-100-30

The colors of the flag are:

Color model Blue Yellow Red
Pantone Blue 072 C Yellow C 199 C
CMYK 100-88-0-5 0-1-100-0 0-100-62-0

Other flags[edit]

 Civil flag.  Flag ratio: 7:10
FIAV 100000.svg Civil flag. Flag ratio: 7:10
Flag used in Andorra circa 1866-1939.[1]
Flag used in Andorra circa 1866-1939.[1]
Flag of Andorra (1806-1866)
Flag of Andorra (1806-1866)
Flag of Andorra la Vella
Flag of Andorra la Vella

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