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FIAV 111111.svgIFIS Historical.svg National flag of Biafra. Flag ratio: 1:2

The flag of the former Republic of Biafra consists of a horizontal tricolour of red, black, and green, charged with a golden rising sun over a golden bar.

Red represents the blood of those massacred in northern Nigeria and in the consequent Nigeria-Biafra war. Black is for mourning them and in remembrance. Green is for prosperity and the half of a yellow/golden sun stands for a glorious future. The sun has eleven rays, representing the eleven provinces of Biafra.

It was also the inspiration for the flag of the short-lived Republic of Benin (consisting of the Biafran-occupied Mid-Western region).

It is based on the pan-African flag designed by Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League[1] It should not be confused with the similar-looking flag of Malawi.

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At last the yellow line under the sun is to promise the northerners for the revenge of lost brothers and sisters.


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