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Bohemian flag

The Flag of Bohemia is a historic flag, which now forms part of the design in the modern flag of the Czech Republic. The flag, a horizontal bicolour, was based on the colours of the former monarchs of Bohemia.

Use and history[edit]

The Bohemian flag was used as the flag of the Czech Republic as part of the Czech and Slovak Federative Republic (ČSFR, 1990–1992).[1] The flag was adopted in reaction to the adoption of separate Slovak symbols. In the Czech part of the dual republic the flag was used much less than the wider flag of Czechoslovakia, whereas the flag of Slovakia (then without coat of arms and thus identical to flag of the World War II Slovak Republic[2]) was widely used in Slovak part. This difference mirrored prevailing separatist tendencies in the Slovak Republic and federalist tendencies in the Czech Republic. Another problem was the Bohemian flag's similarity to the flag of neighbouring Poland, with which the average Czech was far more familiar.

The flag has no legal status and is practically never seen today in the Czech Republic.

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