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Flag of Bohol Province, Philippines.svg
Use Provincial flag
Proportion 1:2
Philippine and Bohol flags near the Chocolate Hills

The Province of Bohol in the Philippines is one of the few provinces to have its own unique flag, deviating from the standard flag design of the provincial seal on a colored field. The flag of Bohol is a French-style tricolour with the white stripe being double the width of the blue and red stripes. Superimposed on the white stripe is the main portion of the seal of Bohol, depicting the island's history and famous landmarks. It consists of the two bolos representing the Tamblot Uprising and the Dagohoy Rebellion, the Chocolate Hills and the Sandugo between Miguel López de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna. The flag has a proportion of 1:2, the same as the flag of the Philippines.

The flag embodies the ideals of Bohol as a peace-loving, ideal-defending province. It also depicts Bohol as an agricultural province embodied with God-given natural beauty.

Each color has its own distinct significance. Blue represents nobility, white for purity, and red for courage. In addition, the flag contains a blue star. The star represents Carlos P. Garcia, the only President of the Philippines to come from Bohol. Another star shall be added for every Boholano that becomes president of the Philippines.

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