Flag of Buryatia

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Republic of Buryatia
Flag of Buryatia.svg
Adopted29 October 1992
DesignA horizontal tricolour of blue, white, and yellow in 2:1:1 with a yellow Soyombo symbol on the hoist of the blue band.
Designed byN. Batuyev, V. Abayev, S. Kalmykov

The state flag of the Republic of Buryatia (Buryat: Буряад Республикын гурэнэй туг; Russian: Государственный флаг Республики Бурятия), or simply flag of Buryatia (Буряад Уласай туг; Флаг Бурятии), is one of the official symbols of the Republic of Buryatia—a subject of the Russian Federation.

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