Flag of Central Province, Sri Lanka

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Central Province
Central Province.png
Use Civil and state flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 14 November, 1987
Design Yellow lion in the center of a red square background of a white flag, with images of the Sun and the Moon to the left of the lion and "Central Province" written in three languages.

The flag of Central Province, was adopted for the Central Province of Sri Lanka on 14 November, 1987.


The Central Province flag, like many of the other provincial flags depicts the image of a yellow lion in the center. It is on a red square background and again bordered by a yellow border. The red square background is on a white flag yet again bordered by a dotted yellow pattern and red and brown stripes. To the left of the lion are the images of the Sun and the Moon, with a face on the Sun and a rabbit on the moon. The flag has the Central Province written on it three times, in Sinhala, at the top and Tamil and English on the bottom.

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