Flag of the Chatham Islands

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Unofficial flag of the Chatham Islands

The unofficial flag of the Chatham Islands (Wharekauri in Maori; Rekohu in the indigenous Moriori language) is a blue field with a map of the island in the centre, the Te Whanga Lagoon depicted in white. Behind this device map is a depiction of the rising sun, an allusion to its local name Rekohu, meaning 'rising sun'.


The flag was designed in 1993 by Logan Alderson, a former New Zealand police officer, and it has been used in the Chathams since then.[citation needed]

It was reported[by whom?] that at the 2005 opening of a new marae on the islands (which included a rare visit by the Prime Minister), the Chathams flag was clearly seen flying from a flagpole over the marae.[citation needed]

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