Flag of Donetsk Oblast

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Flag of Donetsk Oblast.svg
Proportion 3:2
Adopted August 17, 1999.
Design a rising yellow sun with 12 sunbeams and five yellow ovals one under another

The flag of Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine is the official flag of the Ukrainian province of Donetsk. It was designed by Nina Shcherbak, a Donetsk artist.[1] The flag was officially adopted on August 17, 1999.

The flag has proportions of 3:2, and is divided into two areas. In the upper part, there is a rising yellow sun with 12 sunbeams in the upper blue part of flag (resembling the sky). In the lower black part (resembling a sea not yet fully illuminated by the light of day) there are five yellow ovals one under another (the reflection of the sun on the water's surface).

Climbers from Donetsk oblast' have set the flag at Shishapangma peak (on May 27, 2007), Goverla mountain (on January 9, 2007), Mont Blanc (on March 22, 2007), Elbrus (on May 25, 2007) and Everest (on May 27, 2008). Ascent in 2007 was made in order to honour the 75th anniversary of Donetsk oblast'. On Saturday, May 19, 2012 Vitaly Kutniy, a mine foreman from "Belozerskaya" mine, climbed Mount Everest and planted the flag of Donetsk oblast'.[2]