Flag of French Guiana

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French Guiana
Flag of France.svg
UseCivil ensign
Flag of French Guiana.svg
Flag of the former departmental council of French Guiana, disbanded in 2015.
UseState flag
Drapeau de la Guyane.svg
Historical flag of French Guiana
UseState flag

The flag of French Guiana, an overseas region and department of France located in South America, is the French flag.

On 29 January 2010, the general council (departmental council) of the overseas department of French Guiana unilaterally adopted a flag for the department of French Guiana. This was not recognized by the superior regional council. Both councils were disbanded in late 2015 and replaced by the French Guiana Assembly within the framework of the new Territorial Collectivity of French Guiana.[citation needed] Moreover, only the French flag is officially recognized by the French constitution as the national flag. The green and yellow flag is still used by the French Guiana national football team.

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