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Flag of Guyana.svg
NameThe Golden Arrowhead
UseNational flag
Adopted26 May 1966[1]
DesignA green field with the black-edged red isosceles triangle based on the hoist-side superimposed on the larger white-edged golden triangle, also based on the hoist-side, pointed toward the fly-side.
Designed byWhitney Smith
Naval Ensign of Guyana.svg
Variant flag of Guyana
UseNational ensign
DesignAn elongated version of the above.
Civil Air Ensign of Guyana.svg
Variant flag of Guyana
UseCivil air ensign
DesignBritish Civil Air Ensign combined with national flag of Guyana. May be flown at airports and from landed aircraft.

The flag of Guyana, known as The Golden Arrowhead, has been the national flag of Guyana since May 1966 when the country became independent from the United Kingdom. It was designed by Whitney Smith, an American vexillologist (though originally without the black and white fimbriations, which were later additions suggested by the College of Arms in the United Kingdom). The proportions of the national flag are 3:5. The colours are symbolic, with red for zeal and dynamism, gold for mineral wealth, green for agriculture and forests, black for endurance, and white for rivers and water.

Other flags[edit]

The civil air ensign is a copy of the British Civil Air Ensign, with the Guyanese flag in the canton. The naval ensign of Guyana is a version of the national flag, with proportions of 1:2.

As part of the British Empire, Guyana's flag was a British Blue Ensign with the colonial badge in the fly. An unofficial red version was used at sea.[2] The first flag was introduced in 1875 and was changed slightly in 1906 and 1955.[3] Like all British Ensigns, the colonial flags of Guyana were all ratio 1:2.

Presidential Standards[edit]

The Presidential Standard of Guyana came into effect by Proclamation issued on 23 February 1970. Subsequent Presidents have amended this Proclamation to replace the description of the flag contained, to reflect the Presidential Standard they wish to introduce for the duration of their Presidency.

Joint Services[edit]


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