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Flag of Harare.svg
Use Civil flag
Proportion 1:2
Adopted April 18, 1982
Design A horizontal fimbriated tricolour of teal, yellow, red, yellow and teal. Upper stripe contains sun rays, middle section contains two tobacco leaves and bottom stripe has the Zimbabwe bird.

The flag of Harare is the civil flag for the capital city of Zimbabwe.


The flag was adopted on 18 April 1982, when the capital city of Zimbabwe was renamed Harare from the original, Salisbury. When the city was renamed it adopted a new flag and a new Coat of arms.[citation needed]


The Flag of Harare is similar to the Flag of Zimbabwe in that it contains the Zimbabwe Bird. The Zimbabwe Bird is the country's National symbol. It appears on its currency, flags, and stamps. The flag also contains many similarities to other African flags as in contains some of the Pan-African colours.[1]

Statue facing a city building with Greek columns and huge U.S. flag
The current flag of Harare 
Profile of stone face on mountainside, with 3 workers.
the city of Harare 
Shiny silver coin with profile of Washington bust.
Gold coin with bust of Washington facing slightly left
The Harare Coat of Arms 
Example 1


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