Flag of Hertfordshire

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County Flag of Hertfordshire.svg
Adopted19 November 2008
Designed byCollege of Arms

The flag of Hertfordshire is the flag of the English county of Hertfordshire. The flag is a banner of the arms of Hertfordshire County Council. On 19 November 2008 the Council passed a resolution that the design is a fitting and proper emblem for the county and its people.[1][2] The council subsequently registered the banner of arms as the flag of the county with the Flag Institute and it now appears on the latter's registry of local flags.[3]

Flag design[edit]

The blue and white wavy lines, a traditional heraldic representation of a water course, symbolise the county's many rivers while the shield and hart are taken from the arms of the Borough of Hertford.[4] It is a heraldic pun of Hart and ford. The Hart reclines on a yellow field, representing Saint Alban, the patron saint of Hertfordshire and first British martyr, whose cross is traditionally yellow on blue.

The pantone colours for the flag are:[3]

  • Blue 300
  • White
  • Yellow 116
  • Brown 70% 1405