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The flag of Hezbollah, while sometimes found in different colours, is usually composed of the green logo of the Shi'a political/military organization Hezbollah, upon a yellow background with text above and below the logo in red (or sometimes green).

The logo itself is a stylized representation of the Arabic words حزب الله (ḥizbu-llāh) or "Party of God" in Kufic script. The first letter of "Allah" reaches up to grasp a stylized assault rifle. The logo also incorporates several other objects, namely a globe, a book, a sword, and a seven-leafed branch. The text above the logo reads فإن حزب الله هم الغالبون (fāʾinna ḥizbu llāh hum al-ġālibūn) and means "Then surely the party of Allah are they that shall be triumphant" (Quran 5:56). Underneath the logo are the words المقاومة الإسلامية في لبنان (al-muqāwamah al-islāmīyah fī lubnān) or "The Islamic Resistance in Lebanon".

The flag was designed by Ali Salih, an artist from Brital, with the help of Abdul ar-Rahman Mazlūm from the same village.[citation needed] The flag has some similarity with the emblem of Iran's Revolutionary Guards.


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