Flag of Iwate Prefecture

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Iwate Prefecture
Flag of Iwate Prefecture.svg
Use Civil and state flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 6 March 1965
Design Stylized character 岩 (iwa) in white, centered on a grayish-blue background

The flag of Iwate Prefecture (岩手県旗, Iwate-kenki) is the prefectural flag of Iwate Prefecture, Japan. This article also discusses the Iwate prefectural crest which is displayed on the flag.


To commemorate the construction of the Iwate Prefectural Office, a public contest was held to create a new symbol for Iwate, and the crest was announced on 10 November 1964 under Prefectural Announcement No.1083 (告示第1083号, Kokuji Dai-sen-hachijū-san-gō).[1] The symbol itself is a vertically symmetrical adaptation of the Chinese character , pronounced iwa, as in Iwate.

The flag itself was instituted on 6 March 1965. It consists of a grayish blue background with the Iwate crest centered in white.

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Great Sasuke - Japanese pro wrestler and former Iwate Prefectural Assembly legislator. While he was a legislator, he wore a mask based on the Iwate prefectural crest.


  1. ^ Iwate-ken kenshō no seitei ("Establishment of the Iwate Prefectural Crest")

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