Flag of Jalisco

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Flag of Jalisco.svg
Use Civil and state flag
Proportion 4:7
Adopted May 7, 2011[1]

The flag of Jalisco was adopted in 2011. It is Parted per pale blue and gold, bearing the State Emblem in the center, the emblem having a diameter of three-quarters of the width of the stripes. The ratio of the flag is 4:7. Ribbons of the same colors may be placed at the foot of the finial.[2]


In 2001, Manuel Rodríguez announces plans for a flag for the state of Jalisco, the proposal was the old flag of Prisciliano Sanchez, consisting of two blue stripes and a stripe of gold with the State Emblem in the center; flag that resembled the flag of the Second Spanish Republic. A flag was adopted in February 2008, which was then replaced by the current one on 7 May 2011.