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The state flag of Jammu and Kashmir

The state flag of Jammu and Kashmir of India consists of a deep red field, representing labour, charged with a plough to represent agriculture. Three stripes are found on the hoist side and represent the three geographic regions of the state, Jammu, the Kashmir Valley and Ladakh.[1]

Jammu and Kashmir is the only Indian state permitted to fly its own state flag along with national flag[2] and Jammu and Kashmir also has a separate constitution which works under Indian constitution's Article 370. This is due to the state's special status under the Indian Constitution.[3]

The flag is based on the flag of Jammu and Kashmir National Conference, a political party of J&K.

Issues with Flag[edit]

  • Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir makes it mandatory to hoist the state flag alongside the Union flag of India at all times.[2]
  • However, in 2015, newly elected Bharatiya Janata Party members in Jammu and Kashmir legislative assembly refused to hoist state flag in their offices. BJP Ministers also did not hoisted the State flag stating that "State flag have no importance."[2]
  • Chief Minister Mufti Mohammad Sayeed led government had issued a circular making it compulsory to hoist state flag along with national flag stating that "The state flag has the same sanctity and position as the Union flag has under the Indian Constitution and other statutory provisions." However, within 20 hours state government withdrew this circular.[2][4][5]
  • On withdrawal of circular Jammu & Kashmir BJP spokesperson said, "“Our leaders cannot have any other flag on their vehicles besides the Tricolour. We welcome the withdrawal of the circular.”[2]

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