Flag of Kemerovo Oblast

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The flag of Kemerovo Oblast is a red rectangle with a blue stripe at the hoist side, its width 1/3 of the flag length. In the upper part of the blue stripe is the Kemerovo Oblast coat of arms. The coat of arms contains the year 1943, the year of the oblast's foundation, on a red Order of Lenin ribbon with gold edges. The emblem contains a pick axe and a hammer. The oblast is a major the coal and metal mining centre of Russia.[1] The flag ratio is 1:2, however a variant used from 2003 is 2:3 ratio.[2]

The current flag was adopted on 7 June 2002, however according to Sergei Sherniakov of the Heraldic Committee of Perm Region the adoption date of the Kemerovo Oblast flag was 29 May 2002.[2]


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