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FIAV 111000.svg Flag ratio: 3:5
Standard of the President of Kyrgyzstan
Flag of independent Kyrgyzstan between independence from the USSR and adoption of the current flag

The flag of Kyrgyzstan was adopted on 3 March 1992 by the Supreme Council of Kyrgyzstan.[1] It consists of a red field with a yellow sun in the center having 40 uniformly spaced rays. In the center of the sun is a red ring crossed by two sets of three lines, a stylized representation of the tündük (Kyrgyz: түндүк [tyndyk]), or crown of the traditional Kyrgyz yurt, a symbol also on the national emblem and replicated in many facets of Kyrgyz architecture.

The red background of the flag symbolizes bravery and valor, the sun represents peace and wealth, and the tunduk signifies the family home or, by extension, the universe.[1] According to popular interpretations,[2] the sun's 40 rays represent the 40 Kyrgyz tribes unified against the Mongols by the epic hero Manas.

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