Flag of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic

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Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic
Flag of Lithuanian SSR.svg
Flag of Lithuanian SSR (1953–1988)
Use Historical
Proportion 1:2
Adopted July 15, 1953
Flag of Lithuanian SSR (1940-1953).svg
Flag of the Lithuanian SSR (1940–1953)
Use Historical
Proportion 1:2
Adopted July 30, 1940
Flag of Lithuania (1988-2004).svg
Flag of the Lithuanian SSR (1988–1990)
Use Historical
Proportion 1:2
Adopted November 18, 1988

The flag of the Lithuanian SSR was adopted by the Lithuanian SSR on July 30, 1940. The flag was red with a gold hammer and sickle in the top-left corner, and the Latin characters LIETUVOS TSR (Lithuanian SSR in the Lithuanian language) above them in gold sans-serif lettering.[1]

On July 15, 1953, a new flag was adopted. It was modified to meet the new requirements for all flags of the Soviet socialist republics.[1] The top red portion took ⅔ of the width and incorporated the mandatory hammer and sickle and red star. The bottom part could be customized by each republic[citation needed]. Lithuania added a narrow white and a larger green (¼ of the width) strips.[1] The flag was abandoned in November 1988, even before Lithuania declared independence in March 1990. The Supreme Soviet of the Lithuanian SSR, inspired by pro-independence Sąjūdis, amended the constitution and adopted the tricolor flag of Lithuania that was used during the interwar years.[2]

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