Flag of Mari El

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Flag of Mari El
Flag of Mari El (2006-2011)
Old flag of Mari El (1992-2006)
Old flag of Mari El under the Soviet Union within Russian SFSR (1954-1992)

The flag of Mari El, a federal subject and republic in the Russian Federation, was adopted by the Parliament of Mari El on 30 November 2006.


The Flag of Mari El is a rectangular cloth with a width to length ratio of 2:3, divided horizontally into three bands: upper - blue, medium - white, bottom - dark red, in the ratio 3:4:3. In the white stripe a dark red Mari cross is placed, with a height of 1 / 3 the height of the flag.

Previous flags[edit]

Within the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, the flag adorned the Russian SFSR flag with the republic's name on the bottom.

From 1992 to 2006, Mari El used a different flag. This flag had the horizontal bars in the ration 1:2:1, and below the Mari cross the republic's name was written.