Flag and coat of arms of Mayotte

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Coat of Arms of Mayotte.svg

The unofficial local flag and coat of arms of Mayotte represents the French overseas department of Mayotte. It consists of a shield with a cloud design, a sideways crescent and flowers in blue and red segments. The supporters of the shield are seahorses. The motto, placed in a grey ribbon, reads "RA HACHIRI" – We are vigilant in Shimaore (Comorian).


Flag of France.svg
Flag of France
Mayotte is an overseas region of France
Name Tricolore
Use National flag, civil and state ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 15 February 1794
Flag of Mayotte (local).svg
Unofficial flag of Mayotte
Proportion 2:3

The official flag of Mayotte is the French tricolor. The unofficial local flag consists of a white field with the archipelago's coat of arms below an inscription "MAYOTTE" in red capitals.

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