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The flag of Paraná, Brazil, was adopted on January 9, 1892. It went through changes in March 1947, again, in September, 1990.

The current flag took its form on March 31, 1947. It is composed of a green quadrilateral, crossed from the upper left angle to the lower right by a large white stripe bearing a blue circle with the five stars of the Southern Cross (Crux) in lower course. The Cross is depicted with south at the top, as it appears in the night sky.

The circle is crossed, below the "Star of Magellan" (Estrela de Magalhães), by a thin stripe that suggests an horizon, featuring the word "PARANÁ" in green, lightened by the only visible star of that constellation. The sphere is surrounded by a branch of Paraná Pine tree — one of the most widespread symbols of the state — on the right, and by a branch of Yerba mate on the left.


Historic Flags of Paraná, [1]

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