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Flag of Penang (Malaysia).svg
Use Civil and state flag
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 1949
Design A triband of light blue, white and yellow; an areca nut palm tree within the middle white band.
Flag of the Penang Island City Council, the local authority that governs the city of George Town and Penang Island.

The state flag of Penang, a Malaysian state, consists of three vertical bands and an areca-nut palm on a grassy mount in the centre. All three bands are of equal width. From left to right, the colour of each band is light blue, white and yellow.

The colours of the flag are derived from the tinctures of the coat of arms of Penang that was granted by King George VI in the 1940s. Light blue denotes the sea that surrounds Penang Island, white represents peace and yellow for the prosperity of the state.[1]

The areca-nut palm, known as pokok pinang in Malay, symbolises the tree from which Penang got its name. The tree and its grassy mount is centred within the middle white band.

The flag was first adopted in 1949 after Penang became a component state of the Federation of Malaya. The flag was slightly modified to its present form in the 1960s by removing a torse of blue and white at the bottom of the grassy mount.[2]

Defunct flag of the City Council of George Town (now succeeded by the Penang Island City Council).

City Flag[edit]

Since 2015, the Penang Island City Council has been flying its own city flag, which consists of the coat of arms of the City Council at the centre and a white background. The coat of arms is emblazoned with the City Council's official Malay name, Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang, around the bottom. The flag is flown at the City Hall in George Town alongside the Malaysian and Penang state flags.

Previously, the city of George Town also had its own flag, which dated back to the grant of city status to the City Council of George Town in 1957. The original city flag is no longer in use; the City Council was eventually merged with the Penang Rural District Council to form, in 1974, the Penang Island Municipal Council, which subsequently became the Penang Island City Council in 2015.

Historical Flags[edit]

Flag Duration Political Entity Description
Flag of the British Straits Settlements (1874-1925).svg 1874-1941 Straits Settlements Adopted after the Straits Settlements, which consisted of Penang, Singapore and Malacca, became a British crown colony.
Flag of Japan (1870-1999).svg 1941-1945 Empire of Japan Used during the period of Japanese occupation between 19 December 1941 and 3 September 1945.
Flag of Penang (1946-1949).svg 1946-1949 Crown Colony of Penang Adopted after the dissolution of the Straits Settlements, with Penang becoming a separate British crown colony. Penang joined the Malayan Union in 1946.
Flag of Penang (Malaysia) (1949).png 1949-1965 Crown colony of Penang (1949-1957)

State of Penang (1957-1965)

Adopted in 1949 when Penang became part of the Federation of Malaya, a successor of the Malayan Union. This original flag continued to be used up to 1965, when it was modified to its present form.


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