Flag of the Sakha Republic

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Sakha Republic
Flag of Sakha.svg
Proportion 1:2[1]
Adopted October 14, 1992[1]
Design Horizontal blue, white, red and green stripes with a white circle on a blue stripe.
Designed by L. D. Sleptsova, M. G. Starostin and A. Zakharov
Flag of Yakut ASSR 1978.svg
Flag of the Sakha Republic under Soviet rule as Yakut ASSR
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 1978
Design The flag of the Yakut ASSR is an variant of the flag of the Russian SFSR with the "Якутская АССР" and "Саха АССР" inscription below the hammer and sickle.

The flag of the Sakha Republic, in the Russian Federation, is a horizontal four striped flag. From top to bottom, the stripes are light blue (3/4 of the flag's width), white (1/16), red (1/16), and green (1/8).[2] The light blue stripe is charged with a white disc in the center. The diameter of the disc is 2/5 of the flag's width.[2]

The disc represents the northern sun. The light blue, white, and green colors stand for the sky, snow, and taiga landscape respectively. The red symbolizes the courage and constancy of the people.[1] According to the constitution of the Sakha Republic, the white disc represents the white sun of the arctic sky while the combination of blue, white and red represent Sakha's place in the Russian Federation.[3]


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