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Flag of Shropshire.svg
AdoptedMarch 2012
Variant banner of arms

The Shropshire flag is the recently adopted county flag of Shropshire. It was registered with the Flag Institute in March 2012.


The flag is a banner of the arms of the former Shropshire (or Salop) County Council which were awarded in 1895. The jaguars' faces, fondly referred to as "loggerheads" locally,[citation needed] are a traditional emblem for Shropshire (and several of its towns) and have historically evolved from the loggerheads[1] on the Shrewsbury town arms, themselves first recorded in 1623. This originates presumably[original research?] in the practice of carving some such motif on the head of the log used as a battering ram. The "gold" erminois aspect differentiates the county arms/flag from those of its county town.[2]

The flag (with the short-lived "white" ermine pattern instead of the erminois) was flown above the Department for Communities and Local Government in April 2011 as part of a scheme to promote traditional English counties.[3][2]


Erminois, three piles issuant two from chief and one from base each bearing a jaguar's head.

The Pantone colours for the flag are:

  • Dark Blue
  • Yellow
  • Black


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