Flag of Tampa, Florida

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Flag of Tampa, Florida
Flag of Tampa, Florida.svg
Adopted July 1, 1930
Designed by F. Grant Whitney

The official flag of Tampa, FL is a flag that symbolizes the eras, growth, and characteristics of Tampa. Designed by F. Grant Whitney, it was adopted on July 1, 1930.[1]


The flag of Tampa combines elements of the Stars and Stripes, the flag of Spain, the British Union Flag, the flag of Italy, and the French tricolor, as all of these countries had a hand in development of what eventually became the city of Tampa and/or the state of Florida.

The prominent use of red and gold symbolizes Spain’s role in the development of Tampa, from the first European exploration of the Tampa Bay area in 1528 to the later influx of Spanish and Cuban immigrants. Many Italians came to Tampa at the same time, inspiring a field of green from the colors of the Italian flag.

The "H" symbolizes Hillsborough County.

The official seal of the city of Tampa, superimposed on a blue "T", symbolizes the incorporation of Tampa in 1855.


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