Flag of Udmurtia

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Flag of Udmurtia.svg
Proportion 1:2
Adopted November 4, 1993
Design A vertical tricolor of black, white and red (from left to right) with an eight-pointed red cross.
Designed by Y. N. Lobanov
Flag of Udmurt ASSR.svg
Flag of Udmurtia under the Soviet Union within the Russian SFSR.
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 1954

The Flag of Udmurtia is one of the official state symbols of Udmurtia. The proportion of width and length of the flag is 1:2. It is a rectangular three-color cloth consisting of vertical equal stripes of black, white and red (from left to right) with an eight-pointed red cross. The black colour in the flag is a symbol of the earth and stability, red means the sun and life and white means a space and moral purity. The designer of the flag of the Udmurt Republic was Y. Lobanov. The appropriate law N26-РЗ "On the National Flag of the Udmurt Republic" appeared on April 30, 2002.

The emblem[edit]

The cross/star symbol represents the solar sign, a protective symbol that according to folklore protects man from misfortunes. The cross does not overlap the black and red stripes, and its size is such that it fits within a square whose side is equal to 5/6 of the width of one of the vertical stripes of the flag. The width of the vertical and horizontal cross-bars of the solar sign is equal to one third of the side of this imaginary square. Each arm ends with two symmetrical teeth, the internal sides of which form a 90 degree angle where they meet, a vertex deepened towards the center of the sign at 1/2 arm width.

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