Flag of Ulster

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Flag of Ulster
The flag of Ulster: a red cross over a gold background.
DesignA red cross on a gold background, defaced by a white escutcheon bearing a red hand.

The flag of Ulster is a historic banner based on the coat of arms of Ulster, used to represent Ulster, one of the four provinces of Ireland.


One interpretation of the colours is certified by the British Flag Institute, in agreement with Vexillology Ireland.[1]

Scheme Gold[2] Red[3] White
Pantone Gold 123 Red 485 White
RGB 255, 199, 44 218, 41, 28 255, 255, 255

Forms and uses[edit]

The flag of Ulster is usually displayed alongside the flags of Leinster, Munster, Connacht, or as part of the combined flag of the Provinces of Ireland. The flag is the official flag of the Ulster Gaelic Athletic Association and the Ulster rugby team, and is part of the IRFU four provinces flag and the Ireland hockey team flag.


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