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Flag of Wallonia

The Flag of Wallonia (or Walloon Flag) is called the bold rooster (French: coq hardi) or Walloon Rooster (Walloon: cok walon). It is the emblem of Wallonia and of the French Community of Belgium. It features a red bold rooster, bold meaning its right leg is lifted and its mouth is closed, on a yellow background. Those colors come from the city of Liège. The flag is also used by the Walloon Movement.


The flag was created in 1913, based on a painting by Pierre Paulus[1]

Official Adoption[edit]

On 3 July 1991, the French Community adopted by decree the Walloon Flag as its symbol, confirming an older decree from the former French Cultural Community of Belgium on 20 July 1975.

On 15 July 1998, the Walloon Flag was officially recognised as the Flag of Wallonia by the Walloon Region.

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