Flag of Zambia

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Flag of Zambia
Flag of Zambia.svg
Use National flag
Proportion 2:3
Adopted 24 October 1964
Designed by Gabriel Ellison
Before 1996, the flag had a darker shade of green.
Flag of Northern Rhodesia (1939-1953)

The flag of Zambia, adopted on October 24, 1964, is green with an orange coloured hawk in flight over a rectangular block of three vertical stripes, coloured, from left to right: red, black and orange. The placement of the hawk and block of stripes at the flag's fly is notable as most emblems and devices on flags are placed at centre or at the hoist. The colours used in the flag of Zambia are rich in symbolism. Green stands for the nation's lush flora, red for the nation's struggle for freedom, black for the Zambian people, and orange for the land's natural resources and mineral wealth. Additionally, the hawk flying above the coloured stripes is intended to represent the people's ability to rise above the nation's problems.[1]

The Zambian flag was slightly modified in 1996. The shade of green used in the 1964 flag was replaced with a brighter and lighter green and the eagle was slightly altered so as to be more like the one used in the Zambian coat of arms.

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Flag of the President of Zambia Flag of the Zambia Police Zambia Air Force Ensign Zambian civil air ensign



Much of Zambia and the country's way of life is symbolized in the coat of arms. The black and white wavy bars in the shield represent the Victoria Falls while the hoe and pick above shield represent the labors of the people in agriculture and mining. As on the flag, the eagle represents the freedom of Zambia and its ability to rise above its problems.

The man and woman symbolize the Zambian family. The man is dressed in bush shirt and shorts, the clothes of a worker and the woman is in traditional dress. The maize cob, the mine shafthead and the zebra imposed on the national color (green), symbolize natural resources- -agriculture, minerals, game, and the land. The scroll carries the national motto--"One Zambia, One Nation".