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The City of Melbourne's flag features a white background divided into four quadrants by a red cross, which is the cross of St. George, the patron saint of England and taken from the English flag. A narrow red bar (known as a cotise) is adjacent to, and parallel with, each side of each arm of the cross. In the centre, a Royal Crown is visible, signifying the Australian city's links to the Australian Monarchy. Other items featured are, going from top left clockwise, fleece hanging from a red ring, a black bull standing on a hillock, a three masted ship in full sail and a spouting whale in the sea. The four cantons represent the main activities on which the economy of the City of Melbourne was based in the mid 19th century. They were wool growing, cattle raising, shipping, and whaling.[1]

The Melbourne Flag is flown at the Melbourne Town Hall, Enterprize Park (where the settlement began), and on the Tall Ship Enterprize.

The flag of the City of Melbourne is identical to the arms of the coat of arms of the city of Melbourne.

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