Flag of the Federal Territory (Malaysia)

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Flag of the Federal Territory
Flag of the Federal Territories of Malaysia.svg
Use Civil and state flag flag of whole territories
Proportion 1:2
Adopted 23 May 2006
Design three horizontal bars

The flag of the Federal Territory is an official flag for the Federal Territories of Malaysia. It was adopted on 23 May 2006.


The flag of Federal Territory is used to represent the Federal Territory as a whole. The original three territory flags are still in use when representing the individual Federal Territories.

The flag has three colours: yellow to represent respect, sovereignty and honour; red for strength; and blue for unity, sincerity and harmony. These three horizontal bars have the same proportions as those on the flag of Venezuela. The three stars below the Jata Negara stand for the three territories, supporting their mission to become important administrative and business centres. Another star might be added if there would another territory in the future.

Flags of the Federal Territories[edit]