Flag of the Governor-General of Australia

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Flag of the Governor-General of Australia, since 1936

The Flag of the Governor-General of Australia is an official flag of Australia and is flown continuously in the presence of the Governor-General of Australia.

The flag has existed as three versions, the original flag used between 1902 and 1909 being a Union Flag defaced with a six pointed star, crowned, surrounded by ears of corn and a gold circlet. In 1909, following the addition of a seventh point to the Commonwealth Star on the Australian Blue and Red Ensigns, the star was changed to a seven-pointed star.

On 16 July 1936 the Governor-General adopted a new flag for official use in Australia. The flag has a 1:2 ratio, it has a royal blue background and in the centre of the flag there is a Royal Crest (a crowned lion standing on a St Edward's Crown) and the words "COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA" in dark blue letters on a gold scroll below the Crest. A similar design is used in most other Commonwealth realms.

The flag is flown continuously wherever the Governor-General is in residence and is also used as a car flag.

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