Flag of the Hudson's Bay Company

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Hudson's Bay Flag

The flag of the Hudson's Bay Company is a flag that served two purposes.

The flag shared the same design as the Flag of Ontario and the Flag of Manitoba in using the Red Ensign. The flag was officially in use by a special warrant on July 21, 1682, when Prince Rupert granted permission to the company to use the Red Ensign.

Prior to 1869 the flag was used as both the flag of Rupert's Land and the Hudson's Bay Company. After Rupert's Land was purchased by the government of Canada, the flag continued as the flag of the HBC and the new North-West Territories.[1] After 1950, the flag was used by the HBC. The current company flag is based on the Governor's Standard bearing the company's coat of arms (in gold on white background), in use since 1779.

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